Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Sometimes I wonder why things just aint the same anymore. Why is it that back in the day, people would leave each other for months, even years on end and still be connected? What was the secret then that we lost along the way? Often I think that the age of computers ushered in an era of convenience that left us all disillusioned about the relationships we have with other people. Before, it was alot harder to communicate with the other person and that made it all the more worth it. Is it that being able to send an email in a matter of seconds has put in a position of taking things for granted? Oh, that the days of postcards and airmail would return. I long to experience them all over again. OK, truth be told, I have learnt how to write mail of recent....
I wonder what would happen if the streets were able to let the public in on the secrets that they alone have witnessed. I walk along them and smile to myself like I am reminiscing on days gone by. Moving mountains, huh? I miss her so much. Why do we have to feel this pain? John Legend said that love hurts when you do it right. I wonder why. Maybe it is the position of vulnerability that we place ourselves in with the other person. I keep telling people that conflict is necessary. It is part of what spices up the whole relationship equation. Strange. Melancholy. I must be stressed!!!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

So what the funk!!!!

The title seems to suggest that there is something terribly wrong with me right about now. The truth is that there is. I will elaborate in a minute. I intend, for purposes of comprehension, not to delve in pompous vocabulary and strange expressions. Now that we have got the air clear, I think we can continue.

I think that there seems to be something inherently wrong with me. Either that, or some people just can't seem to understand me. One minute I am making perfect sense to someone, the next minute this same person can't quite get what the heck I just said. What's up with that? Can I get an Amen in the house for Pete's sake. Whatever happened to people actually listening to what someone has to say before passing judgement. So what the funk!!!!

No matter. Those of our number who are misunderstood can always have the last laugh when the said individuals have to say that they overreacted. Fancy that!!!! More like, touche

Now for the story. Actually I have told the story already and that is all I am saying on the subject. Gotcha!!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Being 'corporate': Much ado about nothing

What does it mean to be 'corporate'? There are a growing number of individuals who are subscribing to this category of the elite. This trend actually reminds me of that phenomenon we studied about in primary school; rural-urban migration. All of a sudden, everyone is striving for this exclusive social club of wannabes who have the latest gadgets, live in mini estates and
almost drive their own cars, which they obviously can only afford on credit. They attend the same events as their fellows, not because they actually want to be there but because they want to 'hang out'. They patronize the latest spots in town and lumber around with the latest phones on the market. Granted, they do deserve to show off. After all, three quarters of them have low self esteems.
So what does it really mean to be 'corporate'? I, for one, cannot possibly apply myself to this term since I am sort of employed in quite a number of places at the same time. Let me put it this way—I am a master of my own fate, which means that to be 'corporate' means that you must be employed (read enslaved). This allegiance to one master is almost akin to being a drone in a bee hive tending to the queen bee. There is just about as much room for you to squirm and get the  illusion that you are free. The key is to be employed by a telecom company, bank, service provider or the quintessential audit firm. This also means that you should display some ID that advertises where you
are enslaved and what exactly you do and not what you think you do. Let me take this opportunity to say that all those who are employed as sales executives (read hawkers) are not 'corporate'. Neither are those
of our number who are self employed. Another reason why I am not 'corporate' is because I maintain a decent amount of disdain for these institutions so bear with me. I feel I am at a loss, I must say. Another qualifying factor is your ability to gain access to an automobile that belongs to someone else essentially. I have a friend who bought a Toyota at nineteen million and he felt like he owned the world. Meanwhile, he had borrowed the money to buy the car. He mentioned something about making the other guy's life better. How conceited those who are 'corporate' can be. I also believe that to
spend money in the cheesiest of bars is clearly not too constructive. Let us not forget the bit where they go for Comedy Night at the National Theatre and Rock night at Effendy's every Saturday. By the way, if you don't go, you are not 'corporate'. I find that being employed ensures that you will constantly be giving your time and eventually your money to another human being.
By now I am more than certain that I have separated the sheep from the goats. More muchomo for us, right? Before I forget, being 'corporate' requires you to actually look the part. Walk the walk, talk the talk (mindless chatter, if you ask me), that kind of thing. You have to wear a full suit (not the cheap variations that they hawk for seventy thousand in Wandegeya) and shoes from a shop—at least they should look they come from a shop. They should be procured from a respectable
place or else you risk looking like an airtime vendor from Kawempe. Maybe the whole concept of goods of ostentation actually applies when it comes to being 'corporate'. I know I have separated more pseudo sheep from the sheep, and I hope you don't feel like this is some form of ethnic cleansing. There can be no pretenders to this sect. I am digressing.
Being 'corporate' means that you go on endlessly about money they do not have, ventures they probably will never own and discuss topics they have no clue whatsoever about. Case I point; you would be hard pressed to find 'corporates' who are not going on ad nauseum about the state of the world economy. The thought of this just reminds me how mind boggling these conversations can be. They actually want to come off sounding intelligent without actually being intelligent (boring).
Life is too short for them to be serious. Lighten up dude.

Another aspect of being 'corporate' is about being able to sound intelligent and constipated at the same time. They make you feel like you know nothing and they know everything—believe me, they let you know it full well. Their condescending behavior is unnerving. Why can someone not be so nice as to guide you through something without making you feel stupid? Please get off your high horse and relate with us. Pretend you like us and maybe we will believe you and not let
everyone know how you live. But how can I skip the juice of your borrowed lives? From borrowed cars, to clothes, lifestyles, expensive looking gadgets to time, everything is sold at the cost of slaving away to make a millionaire of someone else. How ridiculous is that?

Trying to keep up with the Joneses is definitely not a cool way to live. Be yourself for God's sake. A 'corporate' can be defined as; constant access to complimentaries to night clubs (read sweat joints), participation in the corporate farce
and the mascot goat races. I find the idea of pushing goats around a form of animal brutality, an infringement on their rights. The poor things. And while they are there, these 'corporates' hop from tent to tent scrounging for food and the chance to rub shoulders with the A-list crowd. It is a pity because they are paid no mind. Let me offer some advice. Don't cross breed.
READER BEWARE: Just do us a favour and be yourself!!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008


What is it about me that makes people think they can step on my toes and expect me to do nothing at all. I am sick and tired of such individuals who assume I am just another rug for them to rub off the mud. Who do they think they are?!

I may seem a little docile but I am not what I let people think I am. I get really angry with these individuals who make it a point to take advantage of 'weaker' people. They are low, if there is a word to describe them. They think that they are better than others when all they are is weak. Only weak people bully others and stiffarm them for their purposes.

Anyhow, they are nothing but little insects that have nothing but an overly low self esteem who draw value from instilling fear in others. Damn them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TO ALL OF YOU WHO DO THIS, YOU ARE PITIFUL, AT BEST. HOPELESS AT WORST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why all the anger, you may ask? Well someone told me that I suppress alot of my emotions so I am letting loose right now so all those who think I am repressed had better think again.

On a lighter note. I don't hate you. So don't think my outburst is meant to frighten and distance me from others. I needed to do that. It's been too long holding in these things. I had to do it.

Well, till next time I remain forever yours truly...

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Growing pains

Well, here I am again, whining about how life should be fair and all that crap. Most of the time people don't take us seriously because they feel we are young. What do we know anyway? A man is not a man until he has felt the touch of a woman. Crap. I have never heard a bigger load of crap than that. So what if haven't? Does it make make me any more of a man if I am a virgin? I believe that the measure of a man is in how he deals with the situations he is faced with daily, taking deliberate steps to making the lives of his fellow men better. If a man can't make the correct decisions then what good is he to the world? If he can't take responsibility for his actions or be accountable to others, then what is the point in him living.

Maybe a man needs a woman after all. Maybe her touch has the sort of effect that makes a man want to go out and do everything in his power to provide for her.

LOVE. What is it that makes a man go to the ends of the earth for a woman.

FEAR. The force that drives us deeper into ourselves.

FAITH. Without it there is really no reason for one to live because it inspires hope in us all.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Flowers in the rain

Here I am seated at my computer (I wish) looking all miserable and all. The rain has just stopped and I am sudddenly wishing it hadn't. Strange, huh? Maybe I like the rain and maybe I belong to a small clique of individuals who believe it is the best thing ever to happen to man. Then I think of flowers. Would they survive the onslaught of those heavenly drops on their fragile frames?

Why flowers, you ask? I have no idea. I might even make a dance out of it during my class today. I am instructing one so I needed a theme for the whole session. It is easier especially when you have to teach varied movement phrases. It also makes it easier for people to understand what sort of movement quality is required of them without a verbose explanation.

Enough already, I need to find a way to get them to create something along those lines. I will even call them, My Flowers In the Rain...

Friday, February 22, 2008

Another day, another life

OK, enough with the love vibes and all. Friday was been a day full of stress and good things. I had the craziest day of my life today. First of all, we couldn’t get on the stage for rehearsals because some guys had left behind the sets from a show that happened the day before. Did I mention that it was Valentine’s the day before? Stress!!! It was so bad that we finished doing our lights twenty minutes before our performance. We hadn’t gotten enough time and money to do proper costumes so we had to improvise. The costumes worked up until the moment when the suspenders fell apart. You should have been there to see the look on the face of yours truly. Anyhow, I goofed on quite a bit of the piece and that wasn’t even the half of it. The music went all haywire. Stress!!!!!!!!! The strange thing is that the audience loved it! Weird, huh? So much for being the first on stage. I must admit it was a lot, actually miles better than the original choreography. I was tons better than my first effort at the Danceweek last year.
Everyday I learn new things about who I am as an individual, performer, team member. There is so much more of who I am and the person God created and intended for me to be. My purpose is becoming clearer to me each day making it all the more easier for me to step into it. When I grow up, I want to be a… good father, husband, friend, brother, manager, performer, and all the things He has purposed for me to be.
I have tried my level best to invest in my talents and myself in as many people and avenues as possible with the hope that I can acquire more to make Him known to all. Above all, I want to know Him more so that I can be in a better position to share my experiences of the greatest friend and God of all.

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